Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?

Lissa Rankin MD, is a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynaecology who became ‘burnt out’ with her practice and challenging health conditions she started noticing and looking for a more ‘natural’ way to heal herself and her patients.  What she has to say is fascinating.

“Can the mind really heal the body?  And if so, is there any scientific evidence to convince sceptical physicians like me?  The body has this innate natural self repair mechanism, but the scientific data proves that you need the tending nurturing care of a healthcare provider, or some sort of a healer to facilitate that process.”

I came across this video of Lissa’s and was really excited that at last there seems to be some glimmer of recognition for the profound effect healing can have on a patients health and/or state of mind.  All to often patients with chronic or life threating conditions are coldly told the ‘facts’ only for them to retreat into a state of shock and hopelessness, then left to deal with the sentence on their own.  Although, of course, there are conditions that are incurable I believe we can improve the quality of life and as a healing practitioner feel that we can bring comfort and support to people who find themselves in a similar position.

I am fascinated by the body’s natural ability to improve and also heal given the right conditions and I believe Energy Healing and Reflex Touch helps support this by establishing proper balance, clearing blockages in the energy pathways allowing the body to heal itself.

Through her links with Dr Nokes, Professor of Forensic Science, and Mr. Mackie a leading surgeon, Pat Morrell was able to run and complete two hospital trials at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary and The Prince of Wales Hospital in South Wales. In these trials the brief was to provide treatment to post-operative patients recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery that would stabilize blood pressure and offer pain relief.  Both trials (one informal, one formal, both involving the hospital staff and controlled conditions) produced results that showed Morrell Reflexology to be clinically safe, to balance blood pressure, to reduce the need for pain relief by up to 40% and for patients to be ready and able for discharge from hospital between 3/5 days earlier than historically expected.







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