How true this is, every day we are bombarded with other people’s thoughts and expectations of how we should live our lives, earn our living and generally conduct ourselves. It is our responsibility to protect our own space. We wouldn’t dream of going to work and leaving the doors and windows open in our house, we lock them all before leaving – knowing this should keep our belongings safe from harm.  And yet we regularly leave ourselves open to influences imposed by other people. As we develop our intuition it becomes crucial that we protect ourselves from outside influences, in order to develop to the best of OUR ability and not be hampered by limiting beliefs heaped upon us by others, however well-meaning.

Thoughts have wings. Just by thinking about someone; you can connect with them and may actually affect how they are feeling. Absent healing is a good example of how effective positive thoughts can be, the same can be said of negative thoughts!

One very simple method is to imagine a cloak of light, any colour that feels appropriate. See it completely enfold you, intend that this shall stay in place for as long as is necessary.

Another very effective way is a variation on a technique I came across on a course with Tony Neate – a well respected medium and healer of many year’s experience.   I use this one most regularly and practice this at least every morning.

First cleanse your aura with white light, then imagine a golden sphere – filled with golden light. Now see it shrinking until it is the size of an atom. Place it in the centre of your being, let it expand and grow until you are totally enclosed in its protective light. Now ask that the White Light of Spirit surrounds the gold to protect your energy and that any negative energy being directed towards you be transmuted into White Light and that unconditional love and forgiveness will be returned to the sender.  

Have the intention that you will be protected for the rest of the day.

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