Training In IET – by Joanne Oliver H.NH.Ir

Back in 1998 I attended my first Reiki attunement. I went with a friend. At the time I had spent a few years sitting in various ‘development’ circles to learn more about my own abilities. Everything I did at that time was to improve my own health conditions and learn more about my own spiritual path. Perhaps like many of you.

Back then the thought that I might do hands on healing would have thrown me into terror. In fact this was at the start of my training into the more academic herbal medicine – what I thought at the time would be far more ‘mainstream’ and acceptable.

I remember even today that first attunement. Everyone else seemed to be feeling something with their hands when it was their turn to practice. But for me all that day whenever I tried to practice my Reiki healing my eyes and mind would be flooded with vivid images. I remember them even today.

At the time I felt this just proved that I wasn’t a healer and was something I should maybe keep well away from.

The last 11 years have flown past. I have learned a great deal. One of the most surprising for me, ever the positive sceptic, is that without my healing and spiritual knowledge my ability to help others would be severely restricted. In short I don’t think I could do the work I do without this other more elusive hard to describe side of my work.

So, as well as my constant research into natural healing techniques and herbal medicine I also have to balance my studies with developing this ‘other’ side to my work.

Fast forward to September 2009 and I found myself attending an IET basic level attunement with Sue Walters.

I already know Sue a Reiki master, who used to run the health food shop in Buckingham for many years and has an amazing knowledge on many aspects of alternative healing.

IET stands for Integrated Energy Therapy and a bit like Morrell Reflex Touch –it doesn’t have the most appealing name! However I was interested to learn more when Sue explained that IET works on the emotional blockages we all carry in our body. Reiki as most of you already know works on physical conditions whereas IET works on releasing memory of emotions trapped in our cells. IET has three levels of attunement similar to Reiki, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

So I decided to have a treatment myself with Sue. I was very impressed, as Sue was able to pick up on the negative emotions I have collected through my life so far. I could actually feel where I had a block as Sue worked through my body. The Treatment was lovely and quite different to Reiki energy (which I do also use) and I left feeling ‘lighter’ in mind and body.

Because I had been able to feel both the blocks and healing so clearly I felt I needed to know more about this treatment and so attended her basic level day.

IET also refers to ‘Healing with the energy of the Angels’. Now Sue knows me quite well and already knew that I have a bit of a problem with ‘Angel fever’ that seems to be sweeping the world just now. Don’t get me wrong, I can believe in the idea of a finer energy that can be referred to as Angels. But sometimes, for me, all the slightly ‘twee’ pictures makes me want to run a mile.

Sue starts off the day by explaining all about how Stevan J. Thayer came to develop IET. You can read his book ‘Interview with an Angel’ or visit his website for more information. Steven started out in life as an engineer but ill-health lead to him having a spiritual experience that changed his life and lead to him developing IET and helping thousands of people.

Sue also covers information about Angels in a refreshing down to earth way and I learned a great deal more about them – and yes I am being won over!

The attunements and other exercises we were taught were made even more enjoyable by Sue’s own wonderful guided visualisations that she used throughout the day to help us relax and enhance the whole experience.

Sue was very approachable and happy to answer all our many questions. On intense days such as these there are swings between releasing tears and merry humour and Sue was very supportive of both.

Sue is keeping to small groups so that she could give us enough time and attention when it came to learning the IET procedure and hand movements. She is also offering IET share groups where you can ‘top up’ on both your healing and practice as well as discuss any questions and queries that you wish to share.

Again during my turn to receive the healing I was able to relax fully and experience this lovely gentle healing energy. When it was my turn to practice, Sue gently encouraged and helped me to feel and experience the ‘trigger’ points where emotions were being held.

I found the attunements very powerful. Sue covered in detail what to expect and is also on hand to talk to you for after-care and support. I did have a very profound healing release during the days after the attunement and working in clinic have found that the attunements have enhanced my work in yet another way.

You do not need to have any experience in healing to attend a workshop, although IET will enhance any healing you already do. I am very glad I went along and will be booking to do my intermediate level soon.

There are many details I have left out about IET but you can find out more by visiting Sue’s information page at Soul and Serenity. 

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